“Connie’s reading gave me and my mother the closure we were looking for years on some very important issues. She truly has a natural gift from God to connect and communicate with your guardian angels and delivering the message of God, which provides direction and clearance to a path that might look confusing and lost. We feel blessed to have a compassionate messenger like Connie who gave us the most sincere and genuine reading that was much needed. Connie freed me from a heavy burden on my heart that I carried for years! We love Connie Fox and we highly would recommend her. God Bless you Connie!!” ~ Preet and Jean Mann, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Connie, thank you so much for your time and energy today! I really want to let people know about this great experience, so if it pleases you please let me join in on the testimonials… could you put this for me:  A difficult divorce made me contact Connie and I’m not sure what I expected, just tried to be open for this new experience. I was completely blown away with the precision and the details in the answers to my questions. Life in this moment is difficult with lot’s of decisions, and being confirmed that my deepest feeling about choosing the right direction, made a huge difference! I put my greatest fears and doubts in words and actually received immediate help – and for this I’m so very grateful. Thank you from my heart – Connie, for offering your time and energy.” ~ Lene Langballe, Denmark

“Sonja has done many ‘spontaneous’ readings for me and for several people I have asked about. I was completely blown away at the accuracy and specific recommendations we were all given. I was able to balance my hormones and a thyroid issue using those recommendations plus I immediately found myself having a much easier and happier relationship with people around me that I had been constantly arguing with. I remember Sonja telling me she can’t fix my problem but she can help me fix myself so the problem disappears. I never looked at it that way before but I am a total believer and live the changes every day.” ~ CL, Indiana

“Thank you so much, It was a fantastic experience talking to you and I am still processing all the info I feel changed inside somehow calmer and more at ease with myself. I look so much forward to talking to you again. PS – my grand-daughter was okay and had a perfect weight just as you said.” ~ Lone Halsted, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Hi Connie. I have throughout my entire life had what could be described as an intuitive feeling about people, situations etc., but have not always been able to trust it. Getting a consultation with Connie was life changing for me because she saw this gift very clearly and helped me realize and trust it. It has not only been a help for me, but also my family and my clients. I know to trust the information I get so much more and I am forever grateful. Connie is very gifted and very good at what she does. The flow of information is definitely coming from a high level and she gives it to you word for word in a very specific way. Thank you.” ~ Else A., Denmark

“Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You are awesome and I know you put your heart and soul into this. It really is incredible info. I gave your website info to my friend for a consult. I’ve told her about you and how much peace our talks has brought me.” ~ Kristine B, North Palm Beach, Florida

“Sonja is a talented, caring person who has a gift when it comes to giving spiritual advice. I was referred to Sonja during the most challenging time of my life. I was going into the hospital very ill and having a procedure which was life saving but also very scary.  I was also nervous about the options that would be left to me if the procedure was not successful.  I was consistently impressed with the quality of the guidance that I received from Sonja.  The information that was passed to me by Sonja was absolutely instrumental to my recovery. Sonja has been a source of light, truth, honesty and unquestionable guidance through an especially difficult time for me.  I can’t recommend her enough.” ~ Sue F. – Florida

“It was so great to meet you last night at your Group Gathering at Unity Church in the Gardens! Your reading was fantastic and I woke up really happy today. I’m looking forward to getting started on the HOPE Technique method!” ~ Jessica N, Jupiter, Florida

“Hi Connie… I would like to thank you first and foremost – for helping me with my night visions issue (pituitary imbalance) and bringing my mother Florence through with the angels lifting her from sadness to heaven – truly a beautiful moment for me. You are truly blessed and I feel very lucky to have met you and your mom ~ thank you for your inspirational words…all my best.” ~ Rhonda R, Jupiter, Florida

“During my tough times Jesus brought me great comfort. I think there is no better time for a reading with Connie Fox than when one’s life is tough in all areas and you don’t know where to go and what to do; these times are fertile ground for spiritual growth; change and letting go. The words and love vibration that comes through when you channel creates an opening to actually hear the message and forge forward. As you know for me I had to tune in with a reading every small step of the way while I was making big changes. The truth is Connie, I don’t know if I would have been able to get to the other side without the guidance of Jesus and his love and compassion. You were the perfect bridge; compassionate, non-judgmental, unpretentious and willing to share your own journey. I don’t know why I typed all of this but maybe you don’t know what a huge impact you and your channeling has had on my life. Look forward to sharing with you again.” ~ Cindy S. – New Jersey

“It is an absolute miracle! I’ve had severe intestinal problems continuously ever since my daughter was born 42 years ago. It has been completely gone since the day after our consultation 2 months ago. I am so grateful.” ~ Sharon M. – West Palm Beach, Florida

“I have been living in a small apartment with my two dogs for years. It is not a nice apartment at all and is in a very “not-so-nice” neighborhood. It has been very stressful living there for many reasons, but I have not been able to afford to move elsewhere. I asked Sonja to give me a statement for wanting a “beautiful, lovely home with great energy in a nice neighborhood and with a fenced in yard for my dogs”. Exactly 8 days later an absolute miracle happened!!! A friend called me and invited me and my dogs to stay in her GORGEOUS, fully furnished rental home for the remainder of her lease, which was 10 more months! Her personal plans changed and she no longer needed the house. It’s a 4 bedroom house in a beautiful neighborhood one block from the beach! It has a screened in pool and fully fenced in yard!!! My whole world has changed in such a beautiful way for me and my dogs. We are living in heaven on earth overnight!!! Thank you Sonja for sharing your incredible gift with me.” ~ C.B. – West Palm Beach, Florida

“Thank you for the most amazing experience of my life! Your consultations provided me with such clarity, understanding and advice of some serious life-long issues. Because of your consults, we have had such an important shift in our family and our lives have changed dramatically. I feel so blessed and at peace, with a clear sense of purpose and now know to trust my intuition. I will tell everyone I know about you!” ~ Karen G. – Bernardsville, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for your help. My heart felt so much lighter and at peace. I’m so happy I was able to communicate to my (deceased) mother. I will call you again in the future. Thank you.” ~ Agnes F. – Roanoke, Virginia

“Ever since our talk with Jesus yesterday, I have this really wonderful feeling of being ‘loved’. I can’t say I have EVER experienced this before! It’s more like I have this deep love of myself now; it feels like talking to Him opened up something in myself, or my cells, because it truly is a very different feeling and one I have not felt before! I dig it and I want it to last! Thank you for everything!” ~ S.B. – Chicago, Illinois

“Hello Connie, first of all, thank you so much for our last session. It meant so much to me to talk to the boys (her two dogs). I was so surprised to hear that Buddy felt broken and unlovable. I am glad we straightened that out. They still mess up at times, but are getting better. We hope to have them completely trained within the next month. If not, I will contact you and have a chat with them. Jesus has been amazing. I have been doing what He asked me to do, (give my fears to Him) and the changes in me have been AMAZING!!! I have been enjoying work (shocking), speaking in public without fear (more shocking) and having awesome experiences with clients on a daily basis!! I am one happy camper! I am looking forward to learning a new technique for physical, mental, and emotional healing as He promised. I am looking forward to my future. I definitely want to speak with Jesus again soon.” ~ Susan L. – Boca Raton, Florida

“My friend, that I referred you to was quite thrilled, and convinced that I’d given you a complete and detailed history of the deepest workings of her inner life, which I did not! I’ll be calling you again soon for my own Angel Check-up!” ~ Tim G. – Overland Park, Kansas

“Thank you Connie for you being here! And thank you so much for your wonderful gift of helping me to communicate with my angels. To be able to hear such clear and loving guidance and to have such strong support during these most difficult and confusing times is sooooo needed and so wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t wait to talk with you again soon about all sorts of things. Take good care & talk to you soon!” ~ Love, Bonny – Stockbridge, Massachusetts

“My name is Lilianna Borek, I’m 41 years old and I wanted to share my experience with Sonja and Source. I’m very happy and my life changed a lot after finding out I can ask about very important things in my life. Not long ago my dog Edi got diagnosed with a large heart and water in his lungs. Medicine didn’t work and I was afraid he was going to die very soon. I asked Source through Sonja what I should do. They told me the name of supplements I should give Edi and they told me how to put my hands on him and make my dog relax. Edi in this moment feels much better and is coughing less. I am so happy about this. Also I asked many questions about my father who died 1 year ago. I found out a lot of things about him which were true and I am relaxed because I know he is visiting me very often and he is free of his addictions. A week ago I felt horrible, my face was paralyzed and I was panicking and scared that I had a stroke.  Right away I asked Sonja for help, if this was a serious problem and what I should do. They (Source) told me to not worry, it was nothing very serious. They also told me to drink juice from beets to lower my blood pressure to help relax. Basically I have Bell’s palsy (from a virus) and I am more relaxed and I can feel slowly I am going back to normal. Thank You so much Sonja for improving my life, I feel so relaxed knowing that if I have problems I can always ask about what is bothering me and will always hear smart and calm answers!!” ~ Lilianna Borek – Illinois

“You are so special with such a beautiful gift that has helped change me so deeply. No words can really say thank you.” ~ Love, Pamela T. – High Bridge, New Jersey

“I have some exciting news to share. I brought Aggie (her sick dog), to see Dr. Schenck, a conventional veterinarian as well as a holistic vet. I told him about Aggies’s health issue and that the other vets have been unable to help her. I did NOT tell him what you said. After testing, Dr. Schenck said it was a microorganism in her tissues and bones – JUST LIKE YOU SAID! I see you helping so many people and animals with these hidden illnesses. Thanks so much. You are doing such a beautiful service on the planet!” ~ Laura T. – Califon, New Jersey

“Thank you Connie for letting me talk to you, so that my family can benefit from your amazing gift. I am so thankful.” ~ Pennille – Nykoebing F, Denmark

“Hi Sonja, my daughter just got her bloodwork done and her antibodies keep going down, she is just a little over right now so she is almost cured of Hashimotos. I just wanted to say thank you for being you and all your help in my life. You are amazing!” ~ LGS, Indiana

“I so appreciate all your help in connecting me with my angels! It has really brought more peace in my life.” ~ Amy T. – Shawnee, Kansas

“Honestly Connie you don’t realize how much your encouragement means……thank you so much for everything!!!! Something super strong is going on and I am keeping with it!!! From my heart Connie I have complete faith in you, and I know you’re the beacon of light showing me the way!!” ~ Joanne S. – Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

“Sonja created a statement for me a week after I got fired from my job. I was feeling terrible and insecure about my financial position. One week later after repeating this statement several times a day, I found a job that was perfect for me. I would recommend Sonja’s ability to anyone who wants to improve their immediate situation. Thank you Sonja. I am so excited about my new job!” ~ E.H. – West Palm Beach, Florida

“Thanks for continuing to send me info. That is so nice of you. I have been daydreaming my wants and desires and talking to Jesus more as a friend as you suggested. I am working on the other things suggested in my reading. I am looking forward to seeing positive changes in myself.I am also hoping to find a great guy…and get out of my pattern of men I have chosen in the past. Your reading was very eye opening. Thanks again for your help and guidance.” ~ Laura E.- Wisconsin

“Thank you for a most wonderful consultation last Sunday! It was remarkable. It brings me so much comfort and joy to know you are in the world.” ~ Joan C. – Blairstown, New Jersey

“I have throughout my entire life had what could be described as an intuitive feeling about people, situations etc., but not always been able to trust it. Getting a consultation with Connie was life changing for me, because she saw this gift very clearly and helped me realize and trust it. It has not only been a help for me, but also my family and my clients. I know to trust the information I get so much more and I am forever grateful. Connie is very gifted and very good at what she does. The flow of information is definitely coming from a high level and she gives it to you word for word in a very specific way. Thank you.” ~ Else G. – Copenhagen, Denmark

“The past couple of months have been a total blur for me. 3 surgeries in 3 weeks but I’m happy to report I’m now cancer-free. It all worked out exactly as Jesus said. Thank you.” ~ Cynthia B. – San Diego, California

“In my request to Sonja for a statement, I asked for enough financial freedom so I could leave my job with a pension plan that I am very unhappy with, which would enable me to do what I love doing. I literally thought to myself, the amount I would need for full financial freedom would be 1-1 1/2 million dollars. I didn’t mention that to Sonja, but just thought it. Ten or eleven days after I received my statement from Sonja, I had an acquaintance come see me and out of the clear blue sky, he offered to give me, not as a loan, but as a gift, exactly “one to one and a half million dollars” just to support my passion, which he feels will also benefit the lives of many children. I am blown away with this miracle. Thank you Sonja!” ~ R.B. — Florida

“There’s something different about Sonja! Reading her affirmations are like listening to God, so warm, loving and caring. Her statements are spot on and resonate right through your soul. I have never read anything which resonated with me so much that I actually felt a shift happen inside me; it was a feeling of Divine peace and I just knew everything would work out to my highest and best.  I have been reading and saying affirmations for years now, but nothing touched me like the ones Sonja shared with me.  Simply Beautiful. Believe in the magic of the miracle, because with Sonja, Miracles occur easily!  Mine did!” ~ Joyfully, Susan L.

“I am so deeply touched by the statement given to me from Source through you! I read it again as I prepare to sleep and it comforts me to know that God’s will is both perfect and unfolding as I write. It is no coincidence that I received an overpayment check from the IRS today shortly after reading my statement this afternoon. Thank you again Sonja for interceding on my behalf. I know this is just the beginning of many blessings to come as I repeat the words you’ve given to me.” ~ P.L. — Florida

“I have had readings with many psychics and intuitives over the years. Sonja is the ‘real deal’. I can tell that Source is a very loving group of teachers wanting to bring light to the Earth and help mankind. I have learned new things from each message that Source has given through Sonja. I recommend her very highly to anyone needing more insight into their life and to overcome issues they haven’t been able to fix on their own.” ~ HT, Indiana

“My daughter had been sick for many years – she doesn’t talk and there is no contact with her. The doctors didn’t know why she was acting this way. They thought she had autism but didn’t understand why there was no contact with her at all. Not long ago I asked Sonja for help so she could ask Source about my situation. I was very depressed because I didn’t know how to help my daughter. Then what I heard was amazing.  Source told me that she yes has a form of autism but also she is suffering from a heavy metal toxic load in her body. I have to find a qualified holistic doctor to help her. They told me to put her on special diet with NO SUGAR at all. So I started the diet and made appointments with different doctors.  She is going through lots of tests. So far she is not hyper like she used to be and I see some little changes but I know I need lots of time to bring my daughter back. I am very happy because I see hope for her. Thank You!” ~ Angelica B. – New York