How We Solve Problems

Connie and Sonja have teamed up to give people the most powerful and unique experience from the Divine ever offered before!

We truly understand what it is like to feel stuck and in fear of virtually all life issues — severe illness, devastating loss, addictions, divorce and relationship issues, family issues, career highs and lows and much more. We are driven to offer a one-time lasting solution to anyone who seems to continuously struggle and not make much progress in their lives.

What makes us different is that you bring to us your BIGGEST problem in your life — the one thing you feel has been keeping you from moving forward.

With complete non-judgment and under Divine Grace, we will let you know the root cause of your issue, the awareness of your true power and ability to overcome anything — and we will give you exact instructions on what to do and say that day to bring about the energetic shift needed for you to overcome your issue and align directly with your Life Path. 

Many people have reported feeling relief and ‘different’ on the very same day! We are all energetic beings, so once an alignment has been made, it does NOT take long to start seeing and feeling the benefits and signs that you are truly capable and worthy of having all that you desire!

Nothing is off-limits when you finally understand and align with the power that creates all things… and that very same power is within each and every one of us.