Q:  What makes this reading/treatment session different from any other kind of reading?

A:  There is value in all readings done by any dedicated channeler/psychic. We would never discount anyone else’s talent or abilities. Every channel is different, and who or what they connect to is also different based on their own energy and intent. We are simply combining our own channeling abilities into one session, to be able to give the client the best of what we have to offer. Connie is extremely gifted in channeling well-known entities such as Jesus, Babaji and high-level Angels. Sonja is most comfortable communicating only with Source, although she has spoken with other guides as well, and utilizing the power of the spoken word with intent. This combination has produced some of the most profound changes in their lives as well as their client’s lives, as proven in the Testimonials. When speaking to Connie, you can choose whoever you wish to connect with from the higher dimensions, or she will just allow whoever is the best option for you to come through. Your problem will be addressed at that time, all your questions will be answered — and then you will get more written information from Sonja and Source shortly after your phone session. We are extremely happy to be able to offer something so unique and powerful to anyone who wishes to change their life for the better, as quickly as possible!


Q:  Connie, you say you are a “Soul Communicator” and communicate with consciousness. Just what does that mean?

A:  Consciousness is everywhere and somehow I am able to tap into it. I communicate with the consciousness (spirit) of almost any being, living or deceased, including one’s own soul, animals, angels, Jesus and Mahavatar Babaji.


Q: How does Step 1 of this session work?

A: Simply put, you will ask a question and Connie receives the answer word for word, which she repeats to you exactly as she receives in response to your questions. Your phone session will last up to 30 minutes, and you will be sent a link to download your session in mp3 format, so you will be able to listen to it again anytime you like. You can ask Connie to connect to Jesus, any angels or any spirit you wish to speak to in regards to your problem. However, if you really aren’t sure who to speak to, Connie will be able to tell you the best choice for you at this time and who is coming through to speak with you.


Q: Who am I asking my questions to during the (Step 1) phone consultation with Connie?

A: The answers come to Connie spontaneously and they usually come directly from the consciousness of Jesus Christ. But, if you prefer, you may direct your questions to others specifically, such as a deceased loved one, your own angels or the angels of others, your pet and basically, to anyone’s soul, including your own. You may also ask questions directly to the consciousness of the cells in your body to find out exactly why they are creating a specific symptom and precisely what they need to heal.


Q:  I understand the reading by phone (Step 1). But what is a ‘treatment’ by email (Step 2)?

A:  A treatment is an affirmation-type statement which is channeled to Sonja through Source. (For information about Source guidance and teachings, click here.) It can be for any issue you have in your life – relationships, health, wealth, career, etc. Sonja spends very focused time with Source to be told exactly what you need in this moment to shift your energy as quickly as possible. She is given exactly what to say as well as what to ‘avoid’ saying. It is so vitally important to stick to the exact words given by them.

Once you have chosen your session time using the online scheduler, you will first speak with Connie by phone. Within 24 hours of your session with Connie, Sonja will email you with your customized statement. You will read and say out loud what is given to you for a statement, and read whatever else is provided by Source, if they add extra information for you.


Q: How can this ‘treatment’ possibly work?

A: The people who are drawn to this are usually familiar with the Laws of the Universe, manifesting desires and how powerful the spoken word is. Back in the early 1900s, Florence Scovel Shinn was a master at this technique for manifesting and shifting energy in thousands of people all over the world. Please read the Testimonials for proof of the power of these treatments.


Q: I’m still not sure what am I supposed to ask you for in my 2-step session?

A: Before you set up your phone session with Connie (Step 1), you are given a text area where you are to submit your one biggest problem that you want help with. If you aren’t sure how to word it, it would be best to simply say what you are MOST concerned about or want changed in your life and what you want to happen. Just a few examples are: increased wealth; a perfect job; complete physical health; the best relationship, etc. From there both Connie and Sonja will ask for guidance on the root cause of your issue, and what is needed in this exact moment to shift your energy so you are able to allow the manifestation of what you are wanting. If you are unclear what to focus on, your phone session with Connie will give you much more clear guidance — and then your written statement from Source (Step 2) will further clarify what energy needs to be changed/shifted to allow what you are wanting to manifest into your life.


Q: How much can I ask in one treatment?

A: What do you want MOST in your life? Everyone has one major issue they can’t seem to resolve, no matter what they do and how hard they try. We have been there, and we understand the frustration. Just give us your ONE biggest issue in your life right now. You’ll be surprised at how many ‘smaller’ worries disappear after the biggest is taken care of.


Q: Can you do a treatment to change someone else, and just give me the statement?

A: If someone is ill or isn’t able to request a statement for whatever reason, Sonja can make one on their behalf — but statements to ‘change’ someone else are not possible. The statement is to change YOU, and once your own energy has changed, you’ll be surprised at how others change around you, how new people enter your life that are so beneficial and how others will come and go on their own free will