About Us

Connie Fox

“Due to a life-threatening illness, in one single instant I lost nearly everything I valued in my life; my fiancé, my home, the hope of having my own family, a life-long friend and eventually all my money. I came to understand what it is like to be so ill there is no hope for a future worth living.

What possible good could have come from this? I acquired a deeper level of compassion and a yearning to help others. After successful recovery, I was motivated to become a licensed Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant. Although this is a useful approach to healing, in time, I realized I could help more thoroughly by applying my communication gift.”

“This gift of conversing with consciousness is quite unusual in that I easily ‘hear’ a specific flow of information, word for word, that is beyond normal human awareness. Consciousness is every where; there is nowhere it is not. Somehow, I can tap into it.”


Sonja Vukas

“I believe my channeling abilities with Source came about only after an extreme life change was needed for me on every level. Unfortunately it took a horrible 6 year long illness to force me to change my thinking, and then start the painful process of releasing lifelong beliefs that were unknowingly crippling me in so many ways.

My communications with Source have grown and expanded to include affirmation-type statements (treatments), which I have been told are nothing short of life-changing. These statements come to me fluidly and specifically from Source, the all-knowing power that has answers to any and all issues. In a split second, Source can assess exactly where your energy is, what the root cause of your main issue is, and proceeds to give me exactly the words needed to be spoken on your behalf, as well as the exact words you will need to speak.

Our thoughts and the words we speak are powerful beyond what most people can imagine – and many people are stuck repeating negative thoughts and lower energy words out of sheer habit. I have the ability to see you exactly as you are in Soul form, which knows no limitations, and in a way ‘direct’ your energy to align with who you really are. Once that happens, life takes on a different meaning and that’s when you start understanding all you are capable of being, doing and having for this lifetime.”